Think that speed up your website isn’t important? Think again.
The power of page speed eventually determines online business success, customers appreciate fast responding websites and ultra-low page load times and they are more likely to convert.

Success in the cyber world depends on the ability to embrace a mobile-first approach. Pages are indexed and ranked based on the experience they provide to mobile users.

Images can play a major role in your site speed. They’re often very large files, which can slow down page load times. Ensure that all of your image assets are always optimized. As a result expect performance improvements for your website.

While being more secure there are some additional reasons why you might want to consider moving to HTTPs:
> HTTP/2:  to benefit for HTTP/2 performance you have to be running over HTTPS because of browser support.
> SEO factor:  Google announced HTTPS as a ranking signal, and they have started indexing secure pages over unsecured pages.​​​​​​​ In the near future it might become mandatory the use of HTTPs.
Security:  If you aren’t running over an HTTPS connection your username and password are sent in clear text over the internet.
> Trust:  build trust and credibility with your visitors. It is important to let your visitors know you are secure and that their information will be protected.